Appledore is a small fishing village sitting at the mouth of the River Torridge. Appledore was an important shipbuilding centre and now is home to the North Devon Maritime Museum. Wander along the seafront and the side streets, there you’ll find lots of quaint and sometimes quirky independent shops and of course there’s a variety of places to eat and drink. Don’t forget to have a Hockings ice cream from the ice cream van on the seafront . But for me there is only one foodie treat in Appledore and that is Sylvester's Fish and Chips, just a short walk from Churchfield car park. Stay overnight in the car park on the seafront it’s easy to access with a motorhome and parking from 6pm is £5 a night. If your motorhome is longer than one bay simply park over two bays and pay double the amount. Sylvester's Fish and Chip shop is just round the corner from the car park. Andrea’s Top Tip Parking costs in Churchfield car park can be a bit confusing. If you arrive before 6pm put the usual amount you would do but from 6pm you can then pay for the night. Simply buy two tickets, a £2 and a £3 ticket and display both in the front of your vehicle. So long as you have paid £5 in total for overnight if you are using one bay (£10 if you have spilled onto two bays) this is fine. There’s nothing like waking up early to the sound of the sea close by and the mewing of the seagulls in the morning. I’ve been asked by several people if I felt scared staying in a carpark overnight. I can honestly say I felt fine, when I stayed all the other people parked up next to me seemed really friendly and helpful.

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